D sine - Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (MCCB)

Technical Characteristics: 

Range available from 20A to 1250A. Available in 3 pole & 4 pole. Range 25kA/36kA/50kA/70kA/80kA/100kA breaking capacities. Microprocessot and Thermal-Magnetic based protection releases. MCCBs for Motor backup protection. MCCBs for Distribution and SD versions. Manual, Rotary or Motorised versions. Wide range of internal and External accessories.


Auxiliary Contact Trip Alarm Contact Shunt, UV Stored Energy Electrically Operated Mechanism External Neutral CT Key Locks


Adj. Thermal Magnetic Release Protection Unit

Icu / Ics (in KA) Rating (A) Model No.
25/25 DN0-100C, 20A, TP, TM, 55 Deg, 25 KA (Ics) CM91612OOCZOG
25/25 DN0-100C, 25A, TP, TM, 55 Deg CM91612OODZOG
25/25 DN0-100C, 32A, TP, TM, 55 Deg CM91612OOEZOG
25/25 DN0-100C, 40A, TP, TM, 55 Deg CM91612OOFZOG
25/25 DN0-100C, 50A, TP, TM, 55 Deg CM91612OOGZOG
25/25 DN0-100C, 63A, TP, TM, 55 Deg CM91612OOHZOG
25/25 DN0-100C, 80A, TP, TM, 55 Deg CM91612OOJZOG
25/25 DN0-100C, 100A, TP, TM, 55 Deg CM91612OOKZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 20A MCCB (6 BOX CLAMP) CM90139OOCZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 25A MCCB (6 BOX CLAMP) CM90139OODZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 32A MCCB (6 BOX CLAMP) CM90139OOEZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 40A MCCB (6 BOX CLAMP) CM90139OOFZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 50A MCCB (6 BOX CLAMP) CM90139OOGZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 630A MCCB (6 BOX CLAMP) CM90139OOHZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 80A MCCB (6 BOX CLAMP) CM90139OOJZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 100A MCCB (6 BOX CLAMP) CM90139OOKZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 20 A MCCB (3 BOX CLAMP) CM90141OOCZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 25 A MCCB (3 BOX CLAMP) CM90141OODZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 32 A MCCB (3 BOX CLAMP) CM90141OOEZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 40 A MCCB (3 BOX CLAMP) CM90141OOFZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 50 A MCCB (3 BOX CLAMP) CM90141OOGZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 63 A MCCB (3 BOX CLAMP) CM90141OOHZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 80 A MCCB (3 BOX CLAMP) CM90141OOJZOG
36/18 DN0-100D 3P 55°C 100A MCCB (3 BOX CLAMP) CM90141OOKZOG
36/18 DN1-250D MCCB - 100A, 55°C CM98646OOKO
36/18 DN1-250DMCCB - 125A, 55°C CM98646OOLO
36/18 DN1-250D MCCB - 160A, 55°C CM98646OOMO
36/18 DN1-250D MCCB - 200A, 55°C CM98646OONO
36/18 DN1-250D MCCB - 250A, 55°C CM98646OOPO
36/36 dsine DN2-250D 63A CM92008OOH1OG
36/36 dsine DN2-250D 80A CM92008OOJ1OG
36/36 dsine DN2-250D 100A CM92008OOKYOG
36/36 dsine DN2-160, 36KA 125A CM92008OOLYOG
36/36 dsine DN2-160, 160A 3P, 36KA CM92008OOMYOG
36/36 dsine DN2-250D 200A, 50C CM92009OONYOG
36/36 dsine DN2-250D 250A CM92009OOPYOG
36/18 DN3B-400D, TP, MCCB, 320A, 55 Deg, 36 KA (New Product) CM98401OOQZOG
36/18 DN3B-400D, TP, MCCB, 320A, 55 Deg (New Product) CM98401OORZOG
36/36 dsine DN3-400D 320A, 50C CM94005OOQYOG
36/36 dsine DN3-400D 400A, 50C CM94005OORYOG
36/36 dsine DN3-630D 500A, 50C CM94006OOSYOG
36/36 DN3-630, 36KA 630A CM94006OOTYOG
50/25 DN1-250N, TP, MCCB - 100A, 55Deg CM98651OOKO
50/25 DN1-250N, TP, MCCB - 125A, 55Deg CM98651OOLO
50/25 DN1-250N, TP, MCCB - 160A, 55Deg CM98651OOMO
50/25 DN1-250N, TP, MCCB - 200A, 55Deg CM98651OONO
50/50 DN2-160,63A MCCB,50KA CM92005OOHYOG
50/50 MCCB dsine DN2-250N 80A CM92005OOJYOG
50/50 DN2-160,100A MCCB,50KA CM92005OOKYOG
50/50 DN2-160,125A MCCB,50KA CM92005OOLYOG
50/50 DN2-160,160A MCCB,50KA CM92005OOMYOG
50/50 dsine DN2-250N 200A, 50C CM92006OONYOG
50/50 MCCB dsine DN2-250N 250A 3P TM (Mag 3-6) CM92006OOPYOG
50/50 dsine DN3-400N 320A, 50C CM94003OOQYOG
50/50 MCCB dsine DN3-400N 400A 3P TM (Mag 6-10), 50 Deg. CM94003OORYOG
50/50 MCCB dsine DN3-630N 500A 3P TM (Mag 6-10), 50 deg CM94004OOSYOG
50/50 MCCB dsine DN3-630N 630A 3P TM (Mag 6-10), 50 Deg. CM94004OOTYOG

Eletronic (LS/I), MTX 1.0 Protection Unit

Icu / Ics (in KA) Rating (A) Model No.
36/36 DN2-250D MTX 1.0 (LSI), (16-40A), 36 KA CM92063OOOOX1
36/36 DN2-250D MTX 1.0 (LSI), (25-63A), 36 KA CM92071OOOOX1
36/36 DN2-250D MTX 1.0 (LSI), (40-100A), 36 KA CM92051OOOOX1
36/36 DN2-250D MTX 1.0 (LSI), (63-160A), 36 KA CM92074OOOOX1
36/36 DN2-250D MTX 1.0 (LSI), (100-250A), 36 KA CM92054OOOOX1
36/36 DN3-400D with MTX 1.0 (LS/I), (160-400A), 36 KA CM93001OOOOX1
36/36 DN3-630D with MTX 1.0 (LS/I) (250-630A), 36 KA CM93005OOOOX1
50/50 DN2-250N with MTX 1.0 (LS/I), (16-40A), 50 KA CM92064OOOOX1
50/50 DN2-250N with MTX 1.0 (LS/I), (25-63A), 50 KA CM92072OOOOX1
50/50 DN2-250N with MTX 1.0 (LS/I), (40-100A), 50 KA CM92052OOOOX1
50/50 DN2-250N with MTX 1.0 (LS/I), (63-160A), 50 KA CM92075OOOOX1
50/50 DN2-250N with MTX 1.0 (LS/I), (100-250A), 50 KA CM92055OOOOX1
50/50 DN3-400N with MTX 1.0 (LS/I), (160-400A), 50 KA CM93002OOOOX1
50/50 DN3-630N with MTX 1.0 (LS/I), (250-630A), 50KA CM93006OOOOX1
50/50 True 3P DN4-1250N with MTX 2.0 (LSIG), (320-800A), 50KA CM96021OOOOAG
50/50 True 3P DN4-1250N with MTX 2.0 (LSIG), (400-1000A), 50 KA CM96022OOOOAG
50/50 True 3P DN4-1250N with MTX 2.0 (LSIG), (500-1250A), 50 KA CM96023OOOOAG

MCCB SD Version (Non-Auto)

Rating (A) Model No.
MCCB dsine DN2-250SD 100A 3P CM96808OOKOOG
MCCB dsine DN2-250SD 125A 3P CM96810OOLOOG
MCCB dsine DN2-250SD 160A 3P CM96817OOMOOG
MCCB dsine DN2-250SD 200A 3P CM96814OONOOG
MCCB dsine DN2-250SD 250A 3P CM96802OOPOOG
MCCB dsine DN3B - 400SD, 320A, 3P, (New Product) CM98410OOQOOG
MCCB dsine DN3B - 400SD, 400A, 3P, (New Product) CM98410OOROOG
MCCB dsine DN3-400SD 320A 3P CM96804OOQOOG
MCCB dsine DN3-400SD 400A 3P CM96804OOROOG
MCCB dsine DN3-630SD 500A 3P CM96806OOSOOG
MCCB dsine DN3-630SD 630A 3P CM96806OOTOOG
MCCB dsine DN4-1250SD, 800A 3P, (New Product) CM93041OOUO
MCCB dsine DN4-1250SD, 1000A 3P, (New Product) CM93041OOVO
MCCB dsine DN4-1250SD, 1250A 3P, (New Product) CM93041OOAO