About Us

Al Ghandi General Trading Co. LLC, established in the year 1976 has completed 40 years serving customers in UAE & GCC region. We represent some of the world renowned brands and operate from our three locations Dubai, Jebel Ali & Abu Dhabi. The products represented can be broadly classified under the following product families and cater to the different customer segments.

Al Ghandi General Trading Co. LLC‘s mission is to support its customers – in oil & gas, residential, commercial, marine and industrial markets by providing a broad range of products of highest quality standards, services and solutions. Theses are in the field of electrical switchgear, automation and energy management related to oil & gas, construction, renovation, maintenance and production.

We intend to adapt to highest standards of wholesaling and be a reliable supplier for quality products and solutions

Al Ghandi Switchgear Industry has been in operation since 1985, supplying switchgears to some of the most prestigious projects. We also undertake servicing of installed switchgears and enter into annual maintenance contract for various low voltage installations.